Excel SSAS cube connection - Upgrading to SQL 2012


  • Dear friends,

    I’m upgrading the BI platform in a customer to SQL 2012. The customer has hundreds of excel tables with pivot tables inside on client PC's.

    1. I need a way to dynamically change the SSAS connection to the new server and provider. Do you know any tool or way to do that? I’m thinking to suggest change the ODC files in each client/PC through a SCRIPT… but this will only affect workbooks where the checkbox to "Always Use Connection File" has been checked, correct? How I can change also de the connections stored inside the workbook?

    2. Do I need to manully install the MOLAP5 provider for SQL2012 on each client PC’s that currently use Excel 2010 connected to SSAS cubes in SQL 2008R2? Or there is a more eficient option that I'm not seing?

    3. I create the connection the the cube via HTTP I still need to install the MOLAP5 provider to connect to the cube?

    Thank you all!

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    Wednesday, April 03, 2013 11:01 PM


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