Multiple 2008 SQL Databases using Peer-to-Peer Replication and Change Data Capture


  •  I have a question about using peer-to-peer replication with 10 2008 SQL database servers and change data capture together simultaneously. I've seen posts out there indicating that this kind of configuration would be a bad idea or not work all together. Do you know of specific instances where this configuration has worked well?
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  • Hi Chrisweb8,

    Change data capture and transactional replication can coexist in the same database, but population of the change tables is handled differently when both features are enabled. When the Log Reader Agent is used for both change data capture and transactional replication, replicated changes are first written to the distribution database. Then, captured changes are written to the change tables. Both operations are committed together. If there is any latency in writing to the distribution database, there will be a corresponding latency before changes appear in the change tables. For more information about it, please see:


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  • Eileen,

    Thanks for responding.  I've actually seen this article for SQL Server 2008 and while it states that the two technologies can exist together it doesn't specifically cover the subject of P2P on multiple servers and CDC operating well together.  I've checked, and there is no information from Microsoft that states that this specific configuration will work or not.  Looking for someone with a specific example of this working.



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