MDS Error Message


  • Hi All,

    Please can anybody tell me what this means:

    "Subscription view can be generated for either a Version or Version Flag but not both."

    I get this message when I am trying to create an entity via the backend database base and not the portal.  I get this when I run the following code:

    EXEC [dbo].[udpEntityCreate] @ModelName='ReferenceData', @EntityName='Best', @ShowOnFrontPage=1
    EXEC [dbo].[udpAttributeCreate] @ModelName='ReferenceData', @EntityName='Best', @AttributeName='EffectiveFrom', @AttributeType ='Date', @LengthOrDPsOverride=null, @ReferencedEntityName=null
    EXEC [dbo].[udpAttributeCreate] @ModelName='ReferenceData', @EntityName='Best', @AttributeName='EffectiveTo', @AttributeType ='Date', @LengthOrDPsOverride=null, @ReferencedEntityName=null
    EXEC [dbo].[udpAttributeCreate] @ModelName='ReferenceData', @EntityName='Best', @AttributeName='ApprovalStatus', @AttributeType ='DBA', @LengthOrDPsOverride=null, @ReferencedEntityName='ApprovalStatus'
    EXEC [dbo].[udpSubscriptionViewCreate] @ModelName='ReferenceData', @EntityName='Best'

    Can anybody help me please?

    Many thanks


    Wednesday, February 15, 2012 12:02 PM


  • You have to specify the @ModelVersion_ID or @ModelVersionFlag_ID parameter to avoid the error.

    However, directly calling stored procedure is not supported, and it may cause problem to MDS system.


    Yang Wang (Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services)

    Friday, February 17, 2012 3:17 AM