“Uninitialized subscription” error in replication monitor


  • Im using SQL Server 2012 and trying to implement transactional replication. Im using the system stored procedures to create the publications and subscriptions. I was successful in creating these things, but when i check the replication monitor, it shows "Uninitialized subscription".

    When I check the synchronization status on the subscription, i found this log

    Date		6/20/2012 7:36:33 PM
    Log		Job History (HYDHTC0131320D-PublisherDB-PublicationOne-HYDHTC0131320D\MSS-ReplicationSubscri-7C1D7509-C8A6-4073-A901-0433A2B6D2D3)
    Step ID		1
    Server		HYDHTC0131320D\MSSQLSERVER2
    Job Name		HYDHTC0131320D-PublisherDB-PublicationOne-HYDHTC0131320D\MSS-ReplicationSubscri-7C1D7509-C8A6-4073-A901-0433A2B6D2D3
    Step Name		Run agent.
    Duration		00:07:41
    Sql Severity	0
    Sql Message ID	0
    Operator Emailed	
    Operator Net sent	
    Operator Paged	
    Retries Attempted	0
    2012-06-20 14:14:13.986 Copyright (c) 2008 Microsoft Corporation
    2012-06-20 14:14:13.986 Microsoft SQL Server Replication Agent: distrib
    2012-06-20 14:14:13.986 
    2012-06-20 14:14:13.986 The timestamps prepended to the output lines are expressed in terms of UTC time.
    2012-06-20 14:14:13.986 User-specified agent parameter values:
    			-Publisher HYDHTC0131320D
    			-PublisherDB PublisherDB
    			-Publication PublicationOne
    			-Distributor HYDHTC0131320D
    			-SubscriptionType 2
    			-Subscriber HYDHTC0131320D\MSSQLSERVER2
    			-SubscriberSecurityMode 1
    			-SubscriberDB ReplicationSubscriberDB
    			-XJOBID 0xDFE51AEC7F9E3F42A450CE8874B662CD
    			-XJOBNAME HYDHTC0131320D-PublisherDB-PublicationOne-HYDHTC0131320D\MSS-ReplicationSubscri-7C1D7509-C8A6-4073-A901-0433A2B6D2D3
    			-XSTEPID 1
    			-XSUBSYSTEM Distribution
    			-XCMDLINE 0
    			-XCancelEventHandle 000005F8
    			-XParentProcessHandle 00000560
    2012-06-20 14:14:13.986 Startup Delay: 619 (msecs)
    2012-06-20 14:14:14.606 Connecting to Subscriber 'HYDHTC0131320D\MSSQLSERVER2'
    2012-06-20 14:14:14.656 Connecting to Distributor 'HYDHTC0131320D'
    2012-06-20 14:14:14.671 Parameter values obtained from agent profile:
    			-bcpbatchsize 2147473647
    			-commitbatchsize 100
    			-commitbatchthreshold 1000
    			-historyverboselevel 1
    			-keepalivemessageinterval 300
    			-logintimeout 15
    			-maxbcpthreads 1
    			-maxdeliveredtransactions 0
    			-pollinginterval 5000
    			-querytimeout 1800
    			-transactionsperhistory 100
    2012-06-20 14:14:14.683 Agent message code 21040. Publication '' does not exist.

    How do i solve this issue. Please help.

    Wednesday, June 20, 2012 2:22 PM


  • It seems there is an error in your replication setup scripts.

    I suspect the error is in the call to sp_addpushsubscription_agent (if it is push subscription) or sp_addpullsubscription_agent (if it is pull subscription).  Specifically the @publication parameter is wrong as the Distribution Agent is stating that the specified Publication " does not exist.

    Please review your script and try again.

    Brandon Williams (blog | linkedin)

    Wednesday, June 20, 2012 4:10 PM