Performance Hit in Production on CDC Latency


  • Hi All,

    We have a major Production Performance Hit on CDC Latency.

    CDC latency : 48 hours. (2 days ago was almost real time: )

    log file size: 300 GB

    DB Size: 1.5 TB

    VLF Count: 5209

    SAN type: VMAX(Filber Channel)

    As of now. the CDC_Commit_Time has hardly any movement. We ar ekinda stuck. If I Kill the SPID now, the Open Tran will take atleast 30 - 45 to roll back.

    MaxTrans was 500 till this morning. I Bumped it to. 5000.

    MaxScans was 10 till this morning. I bumped it to 100. 

    How can i get out of it. Please suggest me. We are kinda stuck in a quick sand. 

    Friday, April 26, 2013 5:54 AM

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  • Your LOG file is too huge, that is the real issue. 

    Regards JakDBA Please Mark this as Answered if this solves your issue or satisfied with the response.

    Friday, April 26, 2013 3:20 PM