Logging Data Flow Steps in SSIS Package


  • Hello.

    I am using the "SSIS Log Provider for SQL Server" to log events to a table for "OnError" and "OnPostExecute" events of a package. This works as expected and provides a nice clean output on the execution steps of the package.

    I am curious as to why I do not see any detail for any/all tasks that fall under the "Data Flow" section of the package though. For instance, on my "Control Flow" tab, I added a "Data Flow" task that simply loads a few tables from a target to destination server. However, there is nothing shown in the logging output. Just that a Data Flow task was initiated. And when I'm configuring this logging under "SSIS-->Logging" in the checkbox area on the left, you cannot "drill into" data flow steps.

     Is there a reason why there is no detailed logging for Data Flow tasks? Would getting to that require me to create a custom log provider?

    Thanks for the help.


    Friday, July 14, 2006 3:15 PM

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  • The unit of execution in a package is a task, not a component. (Note the nomenclature here - tasks are in the control-flow, components are in the data-flow). There isn't really any notion of a component completing. It is the task which "completes".

    Here's an analogy for you. Grand Prix cars are made up of many many parts right? When they race, the lap times of the car gets recorded, not of individual wheels, engine parts etc...

    Same in SSIS. The thing which executes is a data-flow, hence that is what we log details about.


    Of course, you can measure things about the parts in an engine (BHP, torque etc...). Same as in SSIS - you want to know how those "parts" are performing. The best way of doing this is using the OnPipelineRowsSent log option.



    Friday, July 14, 2006 3:21 PM