How do I specify AS400 iSeries "Member" name in a query?


  • I have a linked server defined from my 2005 server to an IBM AS400 iSeries database and am successful returning the following query syntax.  If MyTable has rows, they are returned just like any SQL Server table. 


    select * from openquery(AS400_Link,'select * from ldata.MyTable)


    But if MyTable has more than 1 "Member", the query always returns 0 rows.  I do not have the syntax to specify the "Member" name in the query. Tables which have more than one member behave as if the "Member" is the actual table, not the table. So I know I have to specify the "Member" somehow!


    No, it is not as simple as "ldata.MyTable.membername". Nor is it "ldata.MyTable(membername)" which was suggested by an IBM programmer.


    So, do you know the syntax  to specify the "Member?"  Please?



    Monday, October 13, 2008 10:37 PM


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