How to disable auto refresh in Excel 2007 pivot table



    Hi all,

    i have a pivot table in excel 2007 which connects to the AS2005 database.


    i have lots of dimensions in report filter field. 

    (StoreCode, Year, Month, ProductCategoryCode etc...)

    All filters are multiselected.


    i want to change these filters. But when i change any of the filters and click OK pivot table refreshes my report.


    i know that it is normal.


    But i dont want to refresh the refresh the report untill i choose all my filters. My report data is very heavy so i dont want to wait everytime i change the dimension filters.


    i want to select all my filters and click Refresh button in the Ribbon.

    is it possible to disable auto run.


    is there any way to do that?


    Thanks Sad


    Friday, August 15, 2008 12:08 PM

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