SSIS 2008R2 .. Read, transform, write the same user variable.


  • In SSIS 2008R2, I have a package why have a Control Flow, with a Script Task declared, which has with 1 ReadOnlyVariables: pReadVar (string), and 1 ReadWriteVariables:pReadWriteVar (string).

    The pseudocode of it is like this:

    1) I define this auxs variables: xRvar (string) , xRWvar(string)

    2) I read the params to set them into the auxs vars defined in step (1).  xRvar = pReadVar, xRWvar=pReadWriteVar

    3) I excecute some code, which refers to both auxs vars, and lets say that I have to change the content of the aux var, for example, lets set it to xRWvar=xRvar+today.tostring

    4) I want to write de output var .. so I try to set pReadWriteVar = xRWvar, ... .. .. but I always get and error of deadlock in the var pReadWriteVar.

    How can I get my goal on this need ??

    Thanks a lot .. jperez-adium

    Thursday, February 14, 2013 5:57 PM


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