NEED HELP with Windows Installer GIVING ERROR: 1067 when INSTALLING


  • I know this problem has been resolved, but it sure as hell hasn't for me.  For whatever reason, the operation aborts every time I try to install or uninstall something.  The same thing occurs whether installing software or using Add/Remove Programs.  I've tried everything and read everything for the last 6 hours.  It's 2:45am where I live.  I'm pist.  Someone, please, help me...

    It gives be Error: 1067 for operation aborted.  I've messed with every nook and cranny, even to teh point of almost adding a new string to the operation so as to bypass it.  It didn't work by the way, because there was another file that was still there and had the intended name.  I've checked teh settings as well.  All is good.  Tell me what I am doing wrong!!??
    Thursday, October 12, 2006 9:49 AM