Optimum DR strategy for datawarehouse DBs RRS feed

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  • We have a SQL Server 2008R2 servers with Datawarehouse DBs which gets populated by  SSIS packages for ETLs. The database sizes are around 380GB - 400GB. The ETLs run throughout the night and load the data and we load around 1 million rows of data and no activity happens during the day time. We can afford a data loss of 1 day at any point. The business wants to design an DR stretegy for our DWH databases.  I want to keep into account the performance factor, network bandwidth for this environment.

    I do not want to just rely on full backups as the size of each full backup for DWH dbs is around 80GB (After compression enabled) and we have 5 DBs and it will choke network bandwidth if i copy the backups to DR site over the network.

    i have proposed the following solution

    1. All the DBs in simple recovery model  

    2. Take full backups (compression enabled) every weekend

    3. Take differntial backups(compression enabled) during the weekday

    Can you guys suggest if this is a correct DR strategy for Datawarehouse DBs considering performance,network and dataloss affordable and please help out with any other stretegy you can think of...


    Friday, April 19, 2013 2:10 AM