Merge replication uploading on first sync, WHY?


  • Hi guys

    (SQL 2005 - SQL 2012)

    I have 1 Publisher with 40 subscribers running merge replication. I am creating new servers hence new subscribers.
    I create a snapshot of the publication DB with the agent. I take one of the 40 subscriber DBs, sync it a couple of time to make sure its up to date with the PUB. I then make a bakup of the subscriber DB. restore that to new server. I remove the bcp files relating to data in the snapshot that I created, then copy this snapshot files to new server. create new subscription on new server, i do not initialize it, i point it to the snapshot folder that i copied before. when i start the syncing, the new server should obviously start downloading all the changes that it missed in this time i am doing all this, as it did with most of the other ones i did so far. instead it started to upload thousands of records to the publisher, which in turn had to sync to all the other subscribers. how/where can i start investigating this? Why is it uploading? Any ideas?


    Thursday, April 25, 2013 2:21 PM


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