Report Server Windows service 'ReportServer' is not running - Error Help...


  • Hi,
       I need help in Starting Reporting Service, have problem in Starting My Reporting Server.Below i give details of what i did,please help me.

       1) First i tried to run My Reports in my Reporting Server Portal,but i could not run it,it showed me an Error as below

         Repoting Server Portal Error:
        "The Report Server Windows service 'ReportServer' is not running. The service must be running to use Report Server. (rsReportServerServiceUnavailable) Get Online Help "

    2) So i checked whether the SQL Server Reporting Service is Running,but it's not running.So i started it,but this also showed me a Error as below

         Service Error:
         "Could not start the SQL Server Reporting Services(MSSQLSERVER)Service on Local Computer.
           Error 1053: The Service did not Respond to the Start or control request in a timely fashion"

          I don't know why this Error came.
       3)I checked the Event Viewer about what the Error actually is when starting SQL Reporting Service,it shows
         Event Viewer Error:
          "Event ID: 107. Error:Report Server(MSSQLSERVER) could not connect to Report Server Database."

       4)As the database could not be connected, i checked the Database Setup in Reporting Services Configuration .
          I selected SQL Server Credentials and typed User Name and Password,but in Task Status after submitting, Assigning Reporting Services Rights to User is not enabled.
          So i tried with Service Credentials in the Credentials Type then Task Status Completes Successfully.
       5)Then i tried to Start Server Status in Reporting Services Configuration but it also showed an error as,
        Server Status Error:
        "System.InvalidOperationException:Cannot Start Service Report Server on Computer
    The Service did not Respond to the Start or control request in a timely fashion"

    I don't know what to do and Why i cannot not start or access my Reporting Services. Please help me

         Thanking You...Please Help Me...

    Wednesday, July 29, 2009 6:38 AM