can not edit script after upgrade to window 7


  • Hi there,

    My problem is same as a previous post. I copy the description below, but the difference is I upgrade to window 7(from XP) and SQL server 2012(from 2008) at my local. Server is still SQL server 2008. All the previous solution is VS 2008 and upgraded using VS conversion wizard. Please advise.

    Copy from previous post:

    "I have a package with a number of Script Tasks. For some reason I am not able to edit any of the scripts.

    For example, I do the following:
    1) Right-click on a script task in the package and choose Edit. The Script Task Editor dialog appears.
    2) I then select 'Script' from the left hand list (General, Script, Expressions) and click the 'Design Script...' button.
    3) The Script Task Editor dialog disappears and nothing happens. The script editor window where I would edit the script doesn't appear.

    Ordinarily the Script Task Editor stays up and the Script Editor appears but this isn't happening. Has anyone encountered this before? "



    Friday, June 15, 2012 4:19 PM


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