"No rows will be sent to the no match output" in the Lookup Transformation


    • i'm using the Lookup Transformation to find those employees whose salaries were changed; so the maping in the Columns tab of the lookup transformation editor is on the emp_id and emp_salary between the "Available Input Columns" and "Available Lookup Columns".
    • in the "Error Output" tab, I've selected to redirect row.
    • I've used the three outputs of the Lookup Transformation, so the first one sends the matching rows, the second sends the no matching rows, and the thired is the Error output.
    • there is an explanation mark in the Lookup Transformation rectangle, and when you check the Error List it shows the following warning:
      Warning 1 Validation warning. Data Flow Task: {3FC7FAA8-53E2-4E89-BA8E-8111D8867F90}: No rows will be sent to the no match output. Configure the transformation to redirect rows with no matching entries to the no match output, or delete the data flow transformations or destinations that are attached to the no match output.   Package.dtsx 0 0
    • the execution completes successfully, and I can find the matching rows in the destination file, but what i'm wondering is what is happening in the No Match Output and the Error Output. no rows are being send to the No Match Output file, and what is suppose to be in the No Match Output Destination you will find it in the Error Output Destination.

    having the not matching rows in the error table or file achives my goal, but why this happens?! why the not matching rows are not being send to the proper destination ?!

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