interactive sorting does not work


  • I built a report using SSRS 2008. It has one table, with 8 columns, the first column is a group called member name. The outermost group is for pagination (group expression =CEILING(RowNumber(Nothing)/30)) the second group is member name. I have set the header row to appear on all pages and show while scrolling. I want interactive sorting on the member name. I set it up on the header text box properties of the member name column to sort on group and sort by member name.

    problem 1: Now when I preview my report, I see the orting icon on member name column, but when I click it, I don't see it re-sort Z to A. only case it re-sorts is when I am on the last page and click the sort, it goes to the first page. How do I make it sort when I am on the first page and want it to sort  descending.

    Problem 2: When I preview my report, I see a menu bar on top. It has page number and total number of pages displayed. It displays total pages as 2, but when I hit the icon to go to last page, it goes to page 4, and now the total number of pages shows 4. Why does it show me 2 in the beginning, until I go to the last page? How do I make it display correct total number of pages in the beginning.

    On a forum, I read that sorting will work if I set READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT OFF , so I did that. sql copied below


    Thanks for your help.






    Saturday, March 23, 2013 5:28 PM

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