Scaling Out a Tabular Model - Especially on Azure VMs


  • I've got a SSAS 2012 tabular model deployed on an Azure VM roles that has about 4 GB of memory. Unfortunately, performance is poor and memory is maxed out when trying to execute several queries at one time - usually from MS Excel using the Refresh All option on a workbook with several pivot tables connected to the backend tabular model.

    Besides the ability to scale up to a bigger VM, can anybody point me to scalability and high-availability options for an SSAS 2012 Tabular Model? Now that we can use the new Azure VMs more effectively, I'd love to find a way to create more redundancy and scalability than simply scaling up a single server.

    Alternatively, is there some sort of option or configuration to make Excel and SSAS process multiple queries from a single workbook using a more serialized approach instead of thrown 10 different queries at the server all in parallel?

    Thanks in advance!


    viernes, 22 de junio de 2012 20:17