problem with conditional formatting in matrix


  • I have a matrix developed like in the image. In the marked area I use this expression

    =iif(InScope("matrix1_RowGroup2"),"inscope", "outscope")

    and this expression for setting the color:

    =iif(InScope("matrix1_RowGroup2"),"blue", "red")

    The result is this:

    Can anyone explain me why the "outscopes" are not colored red? I dried several things but I cannot figure this out.

    May thanks for your help,


    mercredi 20 juin 2012 12:46


  • Hi Kristof,

    Thanks for your posting during your busy schedule.

    Sometimes, the IIF() function may not work as expected when being used in color expressions. At this time, I suggest that you try the expression below:

    =IIF(ReportItems!textbox10.Value=”Inscope”, “Blue”,
    ReportItems!textbox10.Value=”Outscope”, “Red”)

    Hope this helps.

    Mike Yin

    mercredi 27 juin 2012 09:52

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