Report Builder 3.0 two join tables on same report with page break


  • I want to create a report with data from 2 tables. the table are joined.

    table1 is customers and table2 are items purchased by the customers. key is customer number.

    I want to create a separate page for each customer showing their general information (name, address, etc.) from table1 and then a separate table with the products they purchased on the same page.

    I can get all the customers and all products on 1 page, but not just 1 customer and their products on same page, then move to the next page for customer 2.

    how should the dataset(s) be set up and the tables and groups? page breaks?


    vendredi 23 mars 2012 22:30


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  • Hi David - This is easy, when you right click the group in the "Row Groups" pane at the bottom of RB, choose "Group Properties" and in that dialog, choose the "Page Breaks" tab and check the "Between each instance of a group" option.
    I hope this helps - Dean
    samedi 24 mars 2012 00:48
  • It's easy only you have to first group by the report first on customer then follow the steps explained by Dean.

    Only thing in addition you have to add customer assign cumstomer name ,address etc in same header group row.

    Hope it will help you.

    ---Option second.

    As its a simple report just create a new report by report wizard and in wizard just drop the customer field in group will automatically create group then you just follow the Dean's Steps.

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    samedi 24 mars 2012 04:38