Will Microsoft stop the support if I use undocumented Procedures

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  • Hi, 

    During a recent search I found out that Microsoft says that that it does not support the use of undocumented procedures in production. It says that to ensure the performance and stability we should use only the documented stuff. 

    1. Does that mean, if I use undocumented procedure (it could be simple as sp_MSForeachDB) It is considered as a violation to the the agreement?
    2. Will use of undocumented features harm the support we receive? (I understand MSFT may not support if our server crashes, slowed down because of the use of those procedures, but it is a different story) 

    What the official position of Microsoft?


    Cheers, Preethiviraj Kulasingham

    samedi 14 avril 2012 04:16

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