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  • Hi all,

    Is there a attribute in ADSI edit that clearly states whther a group is set to Security or Distribution.  I thought it would be grouptype but that only reports if it is global, domain local or universal.

    Hopefully its an easy question for someone to answer.

    יום שישי 03 פברואר 2012 17:12

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  • Hi idenAcc,

    Thanks for posting your question here.

    Does the question relate with SQL Server Data Mining? If yes, could you please give us more details to describe your question for us to better understand?


    יום חמישי 09 פברואר 2012 02:22
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  • Not to my knowledge.  I am wondering if there is a clear way of distinguishing if a group is a Distribution List or Security group from looking at its attributes in IDSI edit

    יום שני 05 מרץ 2012 13:11
  • What is ADSI or IDSI ?

    I suspect that your question needs to be moved to a different forum.

    Tatyana Yakushev []

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