SSRS 2005 - Chart Point Label Position Issue


  • Hi all,

    Below image is the reports preview and Point Lable Properties:-

    Anyone know how to make the "0' values show it at the bottom instead at the top.


    18 Agustus 2011 7:33


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  • StarMoon,


    I think you have changed the label to 0 but may be the value is not 0, so please check what the actual value.


    *Happy to help
    18 Agustus 2011 8:43
  • All Manoj,

    Thanks for the reply.

    The original value is NULL, so I change it to "0". This is user requirement, when the values is NULL the report need to show "0' values.

    Anyother way to make this work?


    Thanks in advanced.

    18 Agustus 2011 8:58
  • Can you share the Value expression for the  line graph



    *Happy to help
    18 Agustus 2011 10:40
  • Also, do one thing

    • Select your line graph, click the Properties tab (present at right-hand side of your BIDS solution)
    • Go, to custom properties and change the Empty Point value to Zero

    *Happy to help
    18 Agustus 2011 11:06
  • Hi Manoj,

    Sorry because of making you confused, the "0' values actually is from Column chart.

    the Value expression for the  Column chart - Point Label --> =IIF(Isnothing(Fields!score.Value), 0,Fields!score.Value)


    19 Agustus 2011 1:50
  • Hi All, I change the NULL value to "0" value at Query Level and the issue is solved. Thanks
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    19 Agustus 2011 4:09