SSRS 2008 r1 Whitespace rendering issue between sub reports when subreport spills over to the next page.


  • SSRS 2008 R1

    This issue occurs only when I export the report to PDF.

    I have a Main report with a tablix. The tablix has a details group in which a subreport control is placed. I want a page break between each sub report, and hence have set the property on the group to have a pagebreak.

    All is fine if each of the subreport fits within a page... and all subreports get rendered in a new page.

    But if say subreport1 starting from a new page spans more than a page... then for some reason , the next subreport2 which starts from a new page, although can fit in a single page takes the same amount of space as the previous one(subreport1)..

    By doing this the extra whitespace is added at the end of subreport2 and spills on the next page. The subsequent subreport3 then gets rendered after the whitespace on this new page.

    Looks like there is some kind of caching which is causing this...

    Has anyone come across this.. and is there a solution to this ?

    2010年12月29日 16:42


  • Hi Kamath R,

    From the scenario you described, this issue might be caused by layout setting.

    Click Report Properties on the Report menu, switch to Layout, and set the page size and margin after calculating. You can increase the main report width or reduce the subreport width. Please pay attention to the following rules:

    1 Body (include the subreport body size) + Right margin + Left marginshould be less than page width.

    2 Body + Top margin + Bottom marginshould be less than page height.

    3 If you have header and footer take them also into account.

    4 If you have any textbox, line or other data regions, please make sure whether their width large then the size of page.

    Here is a document about Layout setting:

    Hope this helps.


    Challen Fu [MSFT]
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    2011年1月3日 6:19
  • Hello Challen Fu,

    Thanks for the reply. I have looked into this, unfortunately this does not help me.. The issue still persists.

    The subreport is inside a grouping and is generated multiple times. I have added a page break to the grouping so that each sub-report starts from a new page.The issue occurs only if one of the sub-reports data is more than 1 page.  The issue is only with the next subsequent subreport which takes the same space as the previous and hence the extra white space.

     Still looking for a solution, I hear that the new version R2 has a KeepTogether property on Subreports, would this resolve the issue ?




    2011年1月5日 15:14
  • Hi Kamath R,

    As your main report contain subreport, so the width of your report is not the real width. You have to consider the width of subreport. This is the root cause why there is a blank page every subsequent subreport. So here I would recommend you decrease the report's body size, following below:

    1. Right-click the blank space on the report, then press F4 button to open property grid window.

    2. Locate to the body Size node, then decrease the width property's value.

    KeepTogether property is not a new feature contained in both SSRS 2008 R2 and previous version. It is used to indicate whether to keep all sections of the data region together on one page when show the report, it have no effort when printing.

    Challen Fu 

    Challen Fu [MSFT]
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    2011年1月6日 2:46
  • Hello Challen Fu,

    Apologies if i was not clear in explaining the issue.

    I do not have an issue with the width.. It is the problem with the length.

    Each sub-report starts in a new page. If there are 4 sub-reports that get rendered, the following is the situation

    Subreport1 - Starts from new page.. and data is small(length wise) so fits in the same page.

    Subreport2 - Starts from new page..Data is large(length wise) and extends more than a page... needing another half page... and the subreport gets rendered rightly spanning over 1.5 pages which is perfectly correct.

    The main issue starts here:

    Subreport3 - Starts from new page.. Data is small(lengthwise) and can fit in 1 page.. however this subreport takes as much as space(lengthwise) as the previous report which is 1.5 pages.  the first page has data and on the next half page white space gets rendered.

    This is where I am thinking that the cache of the previous report is getting carried over.

    Subreport4 - Starts from the centre page after the whitespace of subreport3.

    If required i can send a sample of the generated pdf to explain the issue more..



    2011年1月10日 15:11
  • Hello All,

    I am also facing the same issue. I am working on a survey reporting where I have a question and have two or three graphs which follows. The problem here is that the there is a blank page right after the question and graphs are displayed from the following pages. I am using subreports. I did not find any resolution for this. Is this a known issue by the product or is there is fix for this.

    2012年3月22日 12:48
  • I too have the same problem.  Excessive whitespace after a subreport spans more than one page.

    Any ideas anyone?

    2012年4月27日 11:22