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  • I have a sql server backup fiile which is 30 gigs in size, and I want to put it on my google drive.  However, my google drive has a limit of either 10 gig files, or max 100 gig total. I have plenty of room left, but it wont copy it because the file is greater than 10 gigs.  Is there any way to back up in peices, or any tools which might make this work?

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  • Hello danielsn,

    SQL Server supports the option to create "striped" backups, means to spread the backup over several backup files.

    You can do this manually using T-SQL or with this little PowerShell script found here:

    This method can also increase the backup performance.

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  • you can split the backup into multiple files like :


    TO DISK = 'File1.bak',

    DISK = 'File2.bak',

    DISK = 'File3.bak'

    You can add multiple file to split the backup & can restore the database by spcifying all files..

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