very custom filter in SQL Server Profiler 2012


  • Hello, is it possible to insert my own custom filter to skip logging some events I'm currently not interested in? For example, I need to analyze only some stored procedure calls from limited set of users belonging to some windows role with arguments in some specific range. In other words, I need a filter that is more complex than simple LIKE, NOT LIKE.

    Of course I can log all events and then write application that selects only rows that satisfy my criteria, but there are only about 0.01% such rows, so other will only waste space in HDD. Better sollution is to attach some custom filtering pluging (DLL) to prevent storing unnecessary rows, is it possible?

    2012년 7월 8일 일요일 오전 10:23


  • You can filter the TextData column using wildcards %<searchterm>% which should allow you to filter to the stored procedure name and parameter names as you can add multiple wildcard filters, i.e. like %usp_GetProducts%, like %ProductID% etc, this is on top of filters by database name and login etc. If this is not sufficient can you give a more detailed example of what filters you require.


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    2012년 7월 9일 월요일 오전 6:16