suppressing HTML tags | why can't data be copied directly from Query Analyzer into Excel after upgrading to Office 2007?


  • I am using Query Analyzer to access a SQL database via.  2 problems:

    Problem #1:

    Before upgrading to Office 2007, I could copy my results directly from Query Analyzer to Excel with not problem.  Now I just get garbage and have to save to a file with a .rpt extension, then import into excel.  Is anyone else experiencing this - suggestions/solutions?  Very annoying and time consuming.

    Problem #2:

    One of the fields being extracted is a description field with HTML tags, which I don't need and can't seem to convert or import cleanly.  Can anyone help me mask/suppress these tags in my SQL statement?

    Thank you.


    2012년 3월 15일 목요일 오후 5:58


  • Hello katiedoyle,

    #1: Select "Result to text" (Ctrl + T)
    Select the menu Tools|Options ... then select the result tab and select in the "Results output format" to "Tab delimeted"
    Now yu can copy the result und past it to Excel.

    I wish you a nice day,

    Torsten Schuessler

    2012년 3월 16일 금요일 오전 9:48