Reporting Services in SharePoint


  • I have a SharePoint performance point site which also hosts reporting services reports

    Sometimes users cannot view these reporting service reports and they see a generic reports error (screenshots below).

    Within the reports server the user access is granted up by adding an active directory group which contains the users id and then granted 'User' privileges to the reports.

    When the issue occurs, I can temporarily resolve it by adding the users id directly to the reports server security page (outside the AD user group) with 'User' access and they can then view the reports without error.

    The strange thing is that if i then remove the users id straight away and leave the original AD group to authenticate they can still view the reports without error ... its as if the reports server security just needs to be refreshed ?

    Any ideas suggestions on cause or how to resolve permanently ?


    When viewing http://ServerName/Reports I see the below message 

    And when viewing When viewing http://ServerName/ReportServer I see the below message

    14 มีนาคม 2555 10:49


  • Hi KarlGregory,

    Which version of operating system client use? If it is later version since Windows Vista/Server 2008, it
    might be caused by UAC configuration. As we may know, when UAC is enabled and we access the report server site, we may get the error said the user has insufficient privilege to access the report server. For the explorer now runs with the least user privileges.

    Currently, we have two workarounds. Please try to disable the UAC, or assign the user permissions in SSRS individually.

    However, I still suggest you submit a wish at,
    and our engineers will take it into consideration.

    We appreciate your understanding.

    Lola Wang

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    16 มีนาคม 2555 2:46
  • Hi Lola,

    Thank you for your response,

    The reports server is Windows 2003 SP3 and clients access using Windows XP or 7

    We have tired one of the workarounds of adding users directly to the SSRS individually but the issue still occours

    I will submit a request, thanks!

    16 มีนาคม 2555 17:16