msado60_backcompat_i386.tlb On Windows 7 IID changes


  • My company has been using msado 1.5 for a long time and I have a lot of C++ and VB6 legacy code to support. I am looking at moving us to a Windows 7 environment. I am investigating what components have to be updated to succeed.

    Must I use the msado60_backcompat_i386.tlb or will msado15.dll work just fine as long as we don't install mdac 2.8? The reason I ask is that our components can't log in to the SQL Server database on Windows 7 at the moment. (access denied issues)

    I read the long thread about the changes to the IID's of msado to support 64-bit Windows 7. (We're still using 32-bit platforms.) I am wondering if our inability to connect to our database has something to do with these mdac IID changes?







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