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  • Following the eBook Head First C#.  Created a table for contacts and one column, contacID identity was aparently not set as True as nothing in the properties window appears next to it.  Working with Visual Studio 2008 Team System with SQL Server Compact 3.5.  Seeking guidance on best practices.  Should the entire database be redone?  What would be the least destructive path t correct this tables properties?
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  • Hi Newsome,

    Please refer to these online articles:

    1) SQL Server Compact 3.5 and Visual Studio

    2)Creating a SQL Server Compact Edition Database Using Visual Studio Server Explorer

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  • Please note that this response makes no sense.  My post states that the database and table have already been created. What I asked is how to make ammends to a database after a table has been incorrectly configured.  I have already read "SQL Server Compact and Visual Studio".  I cannot mark your answer as helpful.
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  • If I understand your question correctly, you want to change the table schema that is already created in the database. ALTER TABLE (SQL Server Compact Edition) might help you.


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  • Greetings and thank you for the information.  Your response comes after I found the solution for this post.  I now have another issue that could benefit from your expertise.  I have Visual Studio 2008 and through this I launch SQL Server 2010 Compact.  The Lesson I am presently reviewing is Database driven controls.  I am to drag the form I've created, then the contacts database I've created on to the IDE. 

    Regrettably, I've not been able to drag either element on to the IDE and would ask for guidance.  I have three pages of the lesson and the image of my instance of Visual Studio linked in this post.  Your continued support is appreciated.

    2012年5月25日 下午 02:03