Request user input - doesn't!


  • Should the "Request User Input" send the Affected User an email or only make the request visible in the End User Portal as an incident note?  If the End User does not closely monitor the issue he may never know that a response from him is required.  I hope that is not all that it does. 


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  • "Request User Input" does only add a comment and changes the status of the incident. With the help of some workflows you could configure it to send notifications to the end user asking them to go to the portal and read what was written.

    However, along with the Exchange connector that was released a while ago, there is a Send Email solution that does what you expect "Request User Input" to do. I suggest you take a look at that:


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    5. května 2011 21:28
  • Hey

    When using this task, the information you enter is added to the action log of the incident plus the incident status is changed to Pending (active.pending). You could create w workflow that triggers when incidents changes their status to pending and then notify the "affected user".


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    14. května 2011 10:09
  • Marcel,

    Your solution works only for one time. If use the task again when the status is in pending, the workflow wont trigger.

    12. června 2011 12:00
  • If your intention is to just send email and add a comment you can just use the sendmail solution that comes with the exchange connector as given above

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    29. srpna 2011 16:14