different problems installing / restoring database


  • After problems with sce2007 sp1 i decided to remove and install sce2007 sp1. The current version registered i had did not install so i downloaded the newest sce2007 sp1 and that installed. Before i made a backup in SQL management studio for every database. Now i am trying to restore all the settings in sce2007 but restoring the databases or re attach the databases is nog possible, different errors appearing.

    What i see in the folders where the database backups are made there is no .bak files bu all mdf files. So restoring is not possible only attach i believe. I also see in the management studio that there is, now after the install off sce, no OperationmanagerDW database and no WSUS database, they where there before the deinstall?
    I had also made printscreen for the locations where the files for the database where and saw that the OperationmanagerDW database was the same file as OperationManager database.

    So how can i restore the databases or settings for sce. I have downloaded a instruction from Microsoft that says to de attach the current databases and attach the new one but that fails..error opening the physicall file, not found....but the file is there..

    There are a few questions now restoring the settings for sce is the most important because i don't know the settings...
    The systems that where monitored can be installed again that is no problem..


    Mittwoch, 17. April 2013 06:18