Proper VMM Integration With other SC Products


  • I have licensed SC VMM, DPM, Ops Mgr., and Config Mgr. Now I'm looking for recommendations for best setup on two physical machines.

    A previous conversation I seem to remember that it would be best to set up VMM then Ops and/or Config on the first server. We already have a clustered Hyper-V infrastructure.

    Then I believe the next piece would be DPM on the second server.

    I could create VMs to host one or more of these it it would be a better practice.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated,


    Bobby Stewart Brentwood Baptist Church
    Montag, 31. Oktober 2011 04:55


  • MS provided a great session called “Best Practices for Private Cloud Implementation”  in Tech·Ed North America 2011

    hereunder some main points that may help you

    Management Cluster Best Practices

    • Provide a dedicated 2-node or more host cluster for Hyper-V cloud management if the Hyper-V cloud is 8 nodes or larger
    • Deploy all management products in high-availability virtual machines on the management cluster
    • Configure the cluster with a storage area network (SAN) and storage array that is compatible with Windows Failover Clustering
    • Implement gigabit Ethernet or higher for all switched Ethernet network infrastructure

    Implement VMM 2008 R2

    Implement VMM on a dedicated VM and use a remote SQL Server 2008 instance
    Place the VMM library on a dedicated, high-performance VHD or pass-through disk
    Integrate VMM with Microsoft Operations Manager 2007
    Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO) must be used with automatically implemented tips

    Backup and Disaster Recovery

    The backup solution should support the Hyper-V Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) writer for host-based backup

    • Backup storage should be separate from the SAN; SAN snapshot technology can be used in conjunction with a mechanism to move the backup off the production SAN
    • The backup solution should have the capability to restore individual files from the VM backup


    Mohamed Fawzi |
    Montag, 31. Oktober 2011 21:02