DW-Data Source has old DB Name after SQL Migration RRS feed

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  • Hi all !

    We needed to change the SQL Database Server for some reasons and we changed SCSM according to the
    Move-ServiceManagerDB Technet article.

    Everything worked fine, except the DW-DataSource SQLServerName\InstanceName\DatabaseName and in the DWH Datasources are still the old ones.

    Even after reregistering the DWH in the new environement, SQLServer\InstanceName\DatabaseName are the old ones.

    1.) Is this just a display error ?

    2.) Shall i start the DW-Jobs (still stopped ...)

    Thanks / Roman


    Addition to the stamement above.

    I unregistered, AND UNINSTALLED the DW ManagementServer completely after trying to make the Jobs run with changing to the correct datasource.

    Now guess what - after registering to the freshly installed DW-MgmtServer, the Extract_MgmtGroup DataSource was still pointing to the old SQl Server ???????
    Really strange is that the report and data deployment worked 2 times, suddenly on the third day the Extract_MgmtGroup Job creates errors bcs it cant find a SQL Server.

    • Can anyone give me a hint/explanation on:
    • Where does the "DataSource"  Object store its information ?
    • Where does the Registering Wizard get his info of the SCSM-SQL DB ?

    Thanks / Roman

    Thursday, June 26, 2014 6:32 AM