Need information on WMI classes for system properties in Windows Vista/ XP /2000


  • Dear All,


    1. We are using Win32_ComputerSystem class to get the Administrative

    Password status ('AdminPasswordStatus' property), Power On Password status

    ('PowerOnPasswordStatus' property) and Keyboard Password status

    ('KeyboardPasswordStatus' property). However when we retrieve password status

    using this class results are not consistent. It is not guaranteed that when

    password is enabled the password status shall be returned as 'Enable'.

    Sometimes 'Unknown', 'Not Supported' shall be returned as password status.

    Request you to let us know the reason behind this behavior.


    2. Is there any way available like WMI, Win32 API, etc. to retrieve HDD

    password status that is 'Enable' / 'Disable'.

    Please let us know the details of any of such available method.


    3. Is it possible that some BIOS might treat Administrative Password

    (privilege for doing BIOS settings) as Power On password. And when Power On

    password is enabled, value of 'AdminPasswordStatus' property from

    'Win32_COmputerSystem' class will change.

    Could any one plaese confirm this behavior.


    Any hints on above issues are really helpful.



    Thursday, January 29, 2009 10:39 AM