Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 6000 V3.0 and Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 on XP


  • I had purchased and used the 6000 series V.30 for at least one year with great success. I purchased what I thought was a complete set of keyboard and mouse expecting that both would work off the same dongle. The keyboard is my favorite as above (6000 V3.0). The Mouse sent to me is supposed to be used with books or laptops. I had a set of 5000 keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is old and beyond help. I tried to use the 5000 mouse and the 6000 keyboard on the same dongle (it will work when using two separate USB ports), to no avail. Is it necessary to have a separate USB dongle for the keyboard and the mouse???? Or is there something I am missing in the setup which will make them work together???
    Tuesday, September 18, 2012 5:43 AM

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