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  • I've successful monitor Linux Server in OpsMgr R2, and i've configure to monitor log file. for those server is same alert and same log file path, i just create a new group that for store those server and create 1 log file to monitor the group of the server.  But i get weird alert,

    Error scanning logfile <log file path> on host <servername> as user root; The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request.

    The weird is the Servername mention in the alert is not in store in the group i've created. why it happen like this? am i need create which log file for individual server even they have the same log file path and same alert to monitor??

    please help me..it's very urgent issue for me!!


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  • anyone know this issue?? please help me....
    Wednesday, October 14, 2009 6:07 AM
  • Can you check and see that the machine name matches with DNS?
    Robert Hearn
    Friday, November 06, 2009 1:28 AM
  • I've start using OpsMgr R2 to monitor unix/linux server. however, i've a issue on monitor services. i able to see the services while configuration.

    when i try to stop the services, Funny,i get the services alarm, but not for the server i have configure...is from others server!!

    what is that?? what happen on this? How this services work?

    many thanks

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  • Yes. it match with the DNS. just wondering why the alert appear is not in the server i've created.
    Friday, November 06, 2009 5:48 AM
  • Hi Ev4,

    Just a note...I've merged the two threads you have on the topic because the issue appears to be the same for both. While one is for log file monitoring and the other is for services, both appear to be saying that monitoring displays alerts for the wrong computers.

    I'm still rather new to the cross platform monitors so I can't say for sure (I will ask around and see if anyone has more helpful information) but I would say there's an agent configuration issue. For some reason, the agent(s) reporting information back to opsMgr think they are installed on another machine. Perhaps you imaged a machine and duplicated it to these others? I'm not sure. My first suggestion would be to uninstall and reinstall the agent on the affected machine(s).
    Robert Hearn Sr. Program Manager
    Cross Platform & Interop Community Program
    Microsoft System Center
    Tuesday, November 10, 2009 1:19 AM
  • Hi,

    thx for the merging. i've tried many time to unistall and re-install the agent. for services, i find out a solution to work on it, which i will do some changed and write a script in my server to register the non-services process as an unique services. tested with the srcipt, it work fine.

    i just wondering log file issue how we can solve it? this issue quite trouble me. keep tell me not monitoring for wrong mechine. please help me find out on this solution. many thanks

    Tuesday, November 10, 2009 4:05 AM
  • Hi EV4,

    I know it has been a while since you posted this, but apparently we never came to a resolution. Is this still an issue you're having? If not, can you please let us know how you solved it? If you are still seeing this, please let me know and we'll continue to work on it.


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    Thursday, January 21, 2010 6:43 PM
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