Branch Distribution Point can't get a package


  • Hi all!


    I get the following message from a distribution point  in the system status messages:


    The program for advertisement "CEN20027 has not yet started because the content for the package "CEN0001A" - "Symantec Endpoint Protection" (version 1) has not been acquired. Possible cause: The content for this program must be downloaded into the computer's cache, or the content could not be located.
    Solution: If the program is being downloaded, no action is required. The program will start once the download has been successfully completed. If the content can not be located, ensure that a distribution point with this content is available for this computer.  Distribution point availability can be affected by roaming boundary configuration which is used to determine whether distribution points are classified as local or remote, or by enabling distribution points as protected distribution points. Distribution point availability can also be affected if you are using branch distribution points and the advertisement is configured with the option Run program from distribution point instead of Download content from distribution point and run locally. This is because branch distribution points do not support advertisements that are configured to run directly from a distribution point.


    If I create a report (Status of a specific advertisement) from this advertistment I can see that the resource receipt status is accepted for the computers but the status of targeted resources is waiting (for 3 days)


    I simply advertised this package for Standard Distribution Points the same way and there were no problem.


    What can be the problem?

    What should I check?



    Thank you in advance!





    Monday, November 03, 2008 9:13 AM


  • Is your SDP protected or not? If it is protected your BDP has to be within boundaries of the SDP.


    Monday, November 03, 2008 10:16 PM

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