P2V DC Issue (NEW Jan6-2010)


  • I am getting exactly the same error message as a previous poster.  Of course my IDs are different.  It seems the original post is closed so I started a new thread. Unfortunately there did not seem to be a solution posted.  I am trying to convert offline, a DC server 2003 R2 X64. 

    Error (12700)
    VMM cannot complete the Hyper-V operation on the 'hyperv' server because of the error: 'target server' failed to add device 'Microsoft Synthetic Disk Drive'. (Virtual machine ID 2616ED06-5E2D-40C5-B092-C534E9EBF53E)

     (Unknown error (0x8000))

    Cannot change media of type 'VHD' while virtual machine 'target server' is online. (Virtual machine 2616ED06-5E2D-40C5-B092-C534E9EBF53E) 

    I'm using Hyper-V from Server 2008 and SCVMM 2008 R2 (beta)

    The error message mentions the fact the target server is online but that is not the case.  The detailed error message clearly shows the boot into the PE environment.

    The control panel of SCVMM indicates about 60% completion, approx 6 hours in this case, for 160GB VHD.  I would appreciate any help or ideas.  Thanks.

    Brian O

    Wednesday, January 06, 2010 11:58 PM


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