SCE 2010 and WSUS living together


  • Hi Everybody

    I need a council about my environment.

    I have 7 Active Directory sites in one domain all connected through the WAN. I have centralized all my servers on an Hyper-V Cluster and I would use SCE2010 to manage only my Host and Guest servers (less than 50 machines). However I want to keep my local WSUS (one on each site) to updates the clients on the different sites and I wouldn't manage clients through SCE2010.

    I thank to use a GPO applying only on clients computer to specify the right local WSUS server.

    Is it possible? What would be the best appraoch? Maybe I have to use SCE for all with BranchCache on local sites?

    Kind regards,

    Wednesday, February 08, 2012 3:40 PM