Deploy software package error / sce2007 sp1


  • I am trying to deploy IE10 thru SCE2007 SP1 which is on a WIndows Server 2003 Standard.

    Unfortunally when importing the package (exe or msi made with IEAK10) there is a error at the end of importing:
    Verification of file signature failed for file: \\sceserver\updateservicepackages\number\number.CAB.

    Another package is also giving this error. The file is not 500 MB it is 25 MB in size so thats not the problem. There is enough space on the server.

    Could it be that sce or sceserver needs updates? Or am i missing something? In a group policy there are things arranged for certificates so that is also not the problem..

    Today i have done this with no result:

    Click File, click Add/Remove Snap-in, click Add, click Certificates, click Add, select Computer account, and then click Next.


    3.     Select Another computer, type the name of the update server or click Browse to find the update server computer, click Finish, click Close, and then click OK.


    4.     Expand Certificates (update server name), expand WSUS, and then click Certificates.


    5.     In the results pane, right-click the desired certificate, click All Tasks, and then click Export.


    6.     In the Certificate Export Wizard, use the default settings to create an export file with the name and location specified in the wizard. This file must be available to the update server before proceeding to the next step.


    7.     Right-click Trusted Publishers, click All Tasks, and then click Import. Complete the Certificate Import Wizard using the exported file from step 6.


    8.     If a self-signed certificate is used, such as WSUS Publishers Self-signed, right-click Trusted Root Certification Authorities, click All Tasks, and then click Import. Complete the Certificate Import Wizard using the exported file from step 6.



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  • Someone got a idea?

    If it is a certificate problem what to do, i did not make the certificates myself but a external company some time ago...


    Thursday, July 03, 2014 9:55 AM
  • After above i have seen in the mmc console certificates that the certificates are: This certificate has an nonvalid digital signature, both certificates. The size is 512 so after reading some internet documentation it seems that these certificates must be 2048 bits?

    The quiestion is i do not know anything about certificates. Years ago 2 certificates are made by some company. WSUS self signed certificates. Both are deployed by group policy. 

    Quiestion is how to make these certifications valid / 2048 bit etc? Can i change them, make new ones?


    Friday, July 04, 2014 6:39 AM