Windows XP SP3 client hangs at Downloading RRS feed

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  • Environment is SCCM with SP1


    I have a software update deployment package that includes XP SP3. The deployment had a deadline of last Friday, but I noticed yesterday that over 50% of the clients still showed a deployment status of downloading updates. I should add that all clients we deployed this update to were in the same office as the SCCM Server.


    This morning, we started getting calls from user's saying that they were seeing the software update installation dialog, and it showed most of the downloads had completed, but beside Windows XP SP3 it said downloading. One of our techs said his machine had been in this state for at least 10 hours. 


    I checked the CAS Log on his machine, and this message first appears on 10/13, which was the day I created the deployment: (782e2486-9c69-408c-8ace-22eee7a21d2f is the ID for Windows XP SP3)


    ---10/13/08 - 10:04 PM -Requesting content 782e2486-9c69-408c-8ace-22eee7a21d2f.1, size(KB) 0, under context System with priority Medium

    ---10/13/08 - 10:04 PM-Submitted CTM job {3B8BB892-491E-4FDD-AEA1-D5B76B41C3DA} to download Content 782e2486-9c69-408c-8ace-22eee7a21d2f.1 under context System

    ---10/13/08 - 10:04 PM-Successfully created download  request {916F08B7-241E-4DEC-B832-B3F30A33E0CA} for content 782e2486-9c69-408c-8ace-22eee7a21d2f.1


    ---10/13/08 - 10:04 PM - Location update from CTM for content 782e2486-9c69-408c-8ace-22eee7a21d2f.1 and request {916F08B7-241E-4DEC-B832-B3F30A33E0CA}


    This repeats roughly every hour until

    ---10/29/08 - 10:54 PM - Download failed for content 782e2486-9c69-408c-8ace-22eee7a21d2f.1 under context System, error 0x800705b4

    ---10/20/08 - 10:54 PM - Download failed for download request {916F08B7-241E-4DEC-B832-B3F30A33E0CA}


    It then appears to start over requesting the download again.

    I checked the Update Directory on the server, and a folder called 782e2486-9c69-408c-8ace-22eee7a21d2f exists on the server, with the file WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe in it with a size of 324,030


    I'm not sure what to troubleshoot or try next. Any ideas?


    Tuesday, October 21, 2008 3:24 PM


  • Opened a case with Microsoft. Turns out that one of the distribution points did not have webdav enabled in IIS. This was causing the client to fall back to SMB download, which takes considerably longer for large downloads (so I was told).


    To kill the existing deployment, we had to delete the deployment and then the deployment package. After a period of time the download stopped on all clients.


    After creating a new deployment and deployment package, everything went well.



    Wednesday, October 22, 2008 9:04 PM