Hyper-V Manager in Vista: "RPC Server Unavailable"


  • I got the Hyper-V Remote Management MMC utility for Vista to make it easier to connect to my Hyper-V server and manage VMs instead of having to RDP into my server all the time. However, I'm getting the following error after it tries to connect to my Hyper-V server for a few seconds (~10s):


    "RPC server unavaialble. Unable to establish communication between <SERVER> and <CLIENT>"


    Both server & client are in the same domain and are connecting over the LAN on the same network (and subnet). I found this post about a possible fix, but it doesn't apply to me as the post is all about connecting over VPN/RAS... something I'm not doing.



    Thursday, October 02, 2008 5:22 PM


  • Hi AC,

    Sounds to me like you have a firewall enabled somewhere (most likely the Windows Firewall on either the server or client)...

    Thursday, October 02, 2008 5:46 PM

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