VMM 2012 SP1 - Can Cloud Users Run VMM Powershell Commands?


  • Hello community, I'm looking for some feedback on a question I have about VMM powershell. The story goes:  I have a windows 2012 hyper-v cluster managed by VMM2012 SP1. I created a several clouds for a couple of groups of users to create and manage a set of virtual machines. They each have the vmm console loaded locally on their machines.  One of the cloud users asks if they can run VMM powershell commands to automate some of the work they are doing. Here's the question: Can the VMM server be set up so that cloud users can remotely run VMM powershell cmdlets? If yes, are they limited to what powershell cmdlets they can run? I'd like to set something like this up, however, giving a cloud user access to run powershell cmdlets seems like they'd have permissions to do other things that I would not want them doing. Any feedback on this would be much appreciated. Thanks.
    Friday, April 26, 2013 7:31 PM


  • I'm a little confused on your question. You say that they all have the VMM console installed on their machine? If so, the PowerShell modules are already there. In fact, there is a PowerShell button they can use to launch a PowerShell window right from the console. The permissions would still apply as it would be running under their user name, so as long as permissions are set up correctly, they would only be able to read/write to what they have access to.
    Sunday, April 28, 2013 4:25 AM