2738 error occurs updating FLIPSHARE video software RRS feed

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  • I've been dealing with this bloody error 2738 for over a year.  And I discovered like many of you that none of the costly registry repair programs correct this problem. 

    I contacted Flip video tech support and they had no idea what I was talking about.

    When Flip video software was first installed in my Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit pc I have never been able to update the program. 

    Last week I found the updates at the Flip website and installed them, however, now I'm receiving all types of errors and none of the videos I upload will play.  So, I removed the updates, rebooted the pc, deleted the corrupted videos from Flipshare and tried updating the program again.  And I still receive error 2738.

    There have been other occasions when this error code pops up.  Unfortunately, I do not recall what program(s) I was working on.  Obviously, it was not that important at the time, otherwise, I would remember. 

    The main problem has always been with the Flipshare program, although, it works perfectly on my mom's old Windows XP system.  It updates correctly and no errors occur, so far.  Maybe this program does not coincide well with the Vista system. 

    Does anyone use Flipshare on Windows 7? 

    I've read this entire thread and I hope the solutions provided will work for me, as well.  But I wanted to ask a few more questions before attempting the repair. 

    1. Should other programs running in the taskbar be shut down, i.e., anti-virus, chat programs, etc.?

         2.  Is there anything that anyone can think of that would inhibit the repair?


    I've been working with computers for 30 years and the experience I've attained was hard earned by trial and error, yet, I still only have rudimentary knowledge of how these machines work.  They seem really ticky to me so that's why I ask a lot of questions when I am not able to correct a problem.  Obviously, I do not have the higher computer education.   

    I must say I've found more information on this one forum than anywhere else regarding error 2738 and I appreciate everyone sharing their various fixes and solutions. 

    If there is anything else that I should know, or, be aware of before attempting to fix this problem I would be grateful for the input.

    Thank you.



    Tuesday, December 27, 2011 5:14 AM