SCSM 2012 - Evaluation migration to Beta


  • Hi everyone, I suppose you have come upon the problem, but once again - the case is like this: I am using SCSM 2012 in evaluation edition. However, the expiration period has passes/the 180 days. 

    As a result I cannot use the old database with another installation of SCSM. I searched for the topic and I found out this:

    "For SCSM there is no conversion from EVAL to Licensed version, that is to say, there is no place to enter the Product Key. We have to reinstall the environment with new SM database.

    The only time to insert the product key is if we were using pre-release version i.e. Beta or RC bits of SM and then was upgrading to RTM bits. At the time of the upgrade we will be presented the option to enter the product key. If we didn’t provide the key either that time or on clean install then we cannot convert it into licensed version." - Support Engineer

    My question is - is there any workaround, which could help me save my data from the DB and use it in another SCSM implementation afterwards?



    Tuesday, November 27, 2012 3:08 PM


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