SCOM 2012 Update Rollup 1 Released - Many bug fixes

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    List of Issues and Features:

    • Environment crashes in Operations Manager due to RoleInstanceStatusProbe module in AzureMP.
    • When multiple (2-3) consoles are running on the same computer under the same user account the consoles may crash.
    • Cannot start or stop tracing for Reporting and Web Console if they were installed to a standalone IIS server.
    • Connected Group alert viewing is not working but no error is given in console.
    • Task result - CompletedWithInfo not supported with the SDK2007 assemblies.
    • SeriesFactory and Microsoft.SystemCenter.Visualization.DatatoSeriesController need to be public to allow the controls extensibility and reuse.
    • WebConsole is not FIPS compliant out of the box.
    • Network Dashboard should overlay Availability when displaying health state.
    • Dashboards: Group picker does not show all groups in large environment.
    • IIS Discovery: prevent GetAdminSection from failing when framework version was detected incorrectly by IIS API.
    • Performance Counters do not show up in Application list view of AppDiagnostics.
    • Console crashes when state view with self-contained object class is opened.
    • PerformanceWidget displays stale 'last value' in the legend due to core data access DataModel.
    • Availability Report and "Computer Not Reachable" Monitor show incorrect data.
    • Agent install fails on Win8 Core due to dependency on .Net framework 2.0.
    • Web Services Availability Monitoring Wizard - Console crashes if wizard finishes before test has finished.
    • Several Powershell changes needed:
      • Changed License parameter in Get-SCOMAccessLicense to ShowLicense
      • Changed SCOMConnectorForTier cmdlets to SCOMTierConnector
      • Some formatting changes
    • Update Rollup 1 for System Center 2012 – Operations Manager resolves the following issues for UNIX and Linux monitoring:
      • Schannel error events are logged to the System Event Log on Operations Manager Management Servers and Gateways that manage UNIX/Linux agents.
      • On HP-UX, Operations Manager cannot discover and monitor a logical volume composed of more than 127 physical volumes
      • Upgrade of UNIX and Linux Agents fails when using Run As credentials in the Agent Upgrade Wizard or Update-SCXAgent PowerShell Cmdlet
    • Update Rollup 1 for System Center 2012 – Operations Manager adds the following feature:
      • Support for Oracle Solaris 11 (x86 and SPARC)

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