Pulling data from SCOM 2007 R2 DataWarehouse


  • We have a team here at my company that is performing a daily query to pull data into their capacity management tool.  Quite often, they appear to have an issue of missing data for large numbers of servers (sometimes 2000 of our 3800).  To pull this data, they have a script that runs at 8 AM and runs the following query against vPerfRaw.  Is there a more reliable way to do this?

          DateAdd(hour,DateDiff(hour, getutcdate(), getDate()),[Perf].[vPerfRaw].DateTime) as DateTime,
          [Perf].[vPerfRaw] ,
          [dbo].[vManagedEntity] ,
          [dbo].[vPerformanceRule] ,
          DateAdd(DD, DateDiff(DD, 0, DateAdd(hour,DateDiff(hour, getutcdate(), getDate()),[Perf].[vPerfRaw].DateTime)), 0) = DateAdd(DD, DateDiff(DD, 0, GETDATE())-1, 0) and
          [Perf].[vPerfRaw].ManagedEntityRowId = [dbo].[vManagedEntity].ManagedEntityRowId and
          [dbo].[vPerformanceRuleInstance].PerformanceRuleInstanceRowId = [Perf].[vPerfRaw].PerformanceRuleInstanceRowId and
          [dbo].[vPerformanceRule].RuleRowId = [dbo].[vPerformanceRuleInstance].RuleRowId;

    Friday, September 06, 2013 7:29 PM

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