SCOM 2007 R2 MSMQ alert duplication question


  • Good afternoon everyone!

    I have a quick question.  We have the MSMQ pack and it is doing a wonderful job.  There is an alert in the MGT pack called:


    It has a WARNING and CRITICAL threshold level built into the alert and works great as well.

    Now the business has asked to get another threshold (Informational).  So I told them I would have to create a custom alert.  I see the XML configuration from the alert in the mgt pack which gives me the counternames...etc...

    - <Configuration>
      <CounterName>Journal Quota Pctg</CounterName>


    My question is this:

    If I wanted to create an extra alert...what kind of monitor do I select to set this up?  I looked around and I didn't see one that had ComputerName and QueuePath in them?  I am not sure what kind of counter that is.

    Thanks in advance!

    Kevin Hittle

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