import updates from dvd or otherwise filter updates


  • There are many updates available for our WIndows 7 clients. I would like to install all security updates for Windows 7 machine which are needed on the machines.

    When i want to filter the updates in SCE 2007 to lets say Windows 7 they are not only filtered on Windows 7 but there are many more updates between them. Only need the Windows 7 updates together to approve them for the clients. When i must select them between the thousand other updates it costs me days....

    I have the Windows 7 updates on DVD. Is it possible to import them in to a specific group in SCE 2007 from that DVD? It must be deployed to 100's of clients so manually is not a option or there must be a good way to filter only WIndows 7 updates in SCE or another method?

    The dvd can be started with updateinstaller.exe on the dvd which installs all updates on that dvd but thats not a option..


    Friday, July 25, 2014 8:13 AM