Service Manager 2012 management server and sharepoint 2010 foundations (Both web portal components) on the one server


  • Hi,

    Is it ok to install the Service Manager 2012 Management Server and SharePoint Foundations 2010 + both Web Portal Components on the same server?

    We will only be using service manager to support 150 users. I can't imagine more than 10 people accessing Service Manager web portal at the one time and would like to reduce the amount of servers we use for the deployment.

    To go even further, would it be possible to install Manager Server + Data Wharehouse + Both Web Portal components, all on the one server?

    What problems might I have if I try this?


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  • You can use Sharepoint + Managament server on the same server without any disadvantage.

    But you can't install all components on the same server. By design. Data Warehouse must be installed in separeted server. freemanru (at) gmail (dot) com

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